About Me

(in about 369 words)

What am I up to?

I'm currently a Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant with the Economics and Computation group at Microsoft Research New England.

  • If you're curious about E&C: "Economics informs what outcomes algorithms can compute in the presence of self-motivated individuals. Computer science offers a theory of complexity and approximation, thereby both imposing realistic constraints on the space of solutions and relaxing the metric by which we judge them. Together, these interdisciplinary researchers can design and build markets and platforms with robust and socially desirable properties."
  • If you're curious about MSR: This is the organization within Microsoft in which I work. I specifically belong to the New England Research and Development Center (NERD). It's an interdisciplinary research lab where I've been able to interact with experts on biological sciences, sociotechnical systems, cryptography, sphere packing, and more.

What am I interested in?

  • I'd call myself an aspiring applied microeconomist, but my interests are still broad.
  • Currently, I'm interested in online platforms and the role of technology companies/technological innovation in the acquisiton of employment and health care/information.

What inspires/has inspired me?

Academic Papers

  • Choosing these is difficult! Will update soon.


  • See "Academic Papers"


  • See "Academic Papers"

What's my background?

  • I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia. That's right; there's a city outside of the airport.
  • I attended the University of Georgia in Athens - arguably the best college town in the country. If you're ever in town, I must recommend Buvez for coffee, the World Famous for late-night food, Seabear Oyster Bar for a fun dinner, The Lark for a lovely glass of wine, and The Old Pal for a stiff drink.
  • I moved to Cambridge in June of 2022 to start as an RA at MSR.
  • In July of 2024, I'll be moving to New York City to start my PhD at Columbia.

What else do I like?

  • elaborate meal-prepping
  • running, hiking, and biking (casually)
  • overpriced coffee
  • calculating the tip in my head
  • the beach
  • crosswords
  • public transportation
  • funky, natural wine
  • seasonal produce
  • flea markets
  • DIY-ing